Saturday, April 10, 2010

Egg Shell Art

This is a creative experiment every 'egg'etarian must try.

You will require :
- Eggs
- Acrylic paints
- Bamboo skewer sticks
- Some cotton
- Glue

Getting the Egg Shells ready :
When you are ready to make an egg omelet or any egg dish...try to break it from bottom of the egg.  Tap the bottom of the egg with a knife and pour the contents for your dish and wash and dry the egg shells. ( to wash the inside of the egg shell - fill the inside with running tap water for few seconds)

Get ready to paint :
Get your acrylic paints and brush. Paint it as you wish :) and let it dry.

Now the last part:
Make a small cotton bulb at the top of the bamboo skewer and put some glue on it. Insert it inside the egg shell and let it stick.

....Your beautiful EGG SHELL ART is ready :)

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