Tuesday, September 21, 2010

System of living
or living for systems.
Aging to find wiseness
or wiseness to be called old.
Perennial in nature I wish
the childhood were
when all the stones were
stepping stones.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An afternoon

With the cascades of memories
the ivory afternoon gets blotted.
Rolling on the bed, the tangled hair
deepens its roots and stays.
Laughter in my ears that never faint
gives me company in my solitude,
thoughts like flower bloom
dotes its source and
slowly fades when no body knows.

These glistening dew drops
slip down my mind,
accrues to the heart,
longs to be shared.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Pretty Patio

Some colorful ideas to create an impressive and creative place around you.  If you pass by my home at Marina Cove, Santa Clara..I am sure you will notice these :).

Well, we will be posting more blogs on creative experiments soon... do check out this space again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dogwood Flowers - Reserved for Lisa

I am so happy to share these pictures of the painting I made for Lisa. Well, Lisa also liked it and I am sure when she receives the painting she is going to like it even more.
I loved the whole process. Thanks for the opportunity Lisa. Looking forward to more such assignments from your side. :)

The above picture is Before the stitch and the green pigment in the centre of the flower.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Egg Shell Art

This is a creative experiment every 'egg'etarian must try.

You will require :
- Eggs
- Acrylic paints
- Bamboo skewer sticks
- Some cotton
- Glue

Getting the Egg Shells ready :
When you are ready to make an egg omelet or any egg dish...try to break it from bottom of the egg.  Tap the bottom of the egg with a knife and pour the contents for your dish and wash and dry the egg shells. ( to wash the inside of the egg shell - fill the inside with running tap water for few seconds)

Get ready to paint :
Get your acrylic paints and brush. Paint it as you wish :) and let it dry.

Now the last part:
Make a small cotton bulb at the top of the bamboo skewer and put some glue on it. Insert it inside the egg shell and let it stick.

....Your beautiful EGG SHELL ART is ready :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lisa's Painting in the making

I feel Lisa must be wondering how much of the painting is done and how it looks. Well, here are few pics of the paintings. I have been working on it to give some texture and visible layers on to it.

After the base paint I made a pattern by putting cello tape cutouts. Then painted over it. I successfully achieved what I wanted to. Then made a paper cutout (curvy slimy thing) and painted inside it.

The whole process was amazing. I enjoyed it and I hope Lisa enjoys it too.

I have planned to explore few more techniques over this painting. By this weekend 'Dogwood' - reserved for Lisa will be posted on Etsy :)

Have a great day :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dogwood Flowers for Lisa

My client, Lisa, has selected the DOGWOOD. And I am not surprised by the selection. Dogwood flowers will surely make a wonderful painting. I have started with the painting and enjoying it to the core.

As Lisa likes overlays and detailing I am thinking of incorporating few different techniques into this art. Her likings have encouraged me to indulge in some time taking techniques.. ;)  .. but thats what I want her to experience when the art hangs there on her wall.

Will post some pics of the art work in progress tomorrow. I am hoping to complete it by Wednesday evening.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Working on a Custom Painting

My paintings are posted on the online shop at Etsy. I am very thankful to my friend, Pragya, who introduced me to this very beautiful and creative platform. Her absolutely beautiful illustrations of birds have always lighted my face and my days.

I am also a member of EAOC (Etsy Artists of Color). A week back, one of the friends for this group, Lisa, mailed me if I would like to make a custom painting for her home. I was so delighted and excited. I loved the idea. She had purchased a set of pillow covers in green and gold stripes and matching fabric coasters from Etsy, and she wanted a painting which can work with it. So, I set out on my work.

I got a book on flowers from the public library and searched for the flower that would just be perfect for her. I want to paint something which has a story, a character and something unique and precious.

I have selected three flowers for her. The one she selects will transform into a custom painting just for her.

1. Bupleurum rotundifolium - Hare's ear

This flower works marvelously for brightening  up borders and corners. The large striking contrast between the greenish yellow bracts and the star shaped tiny flowers is simply beautiful.  This plant contains saikosaponins which have been found to increase the production of chemicals, cytokines, which kindle the combative activity of immune calls.  These have anti-inflammatory properties and can inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells.

2. Cornus kousa - Kousa dogwood

This is an exotic looking flower with its bold, white tear-shaped petals. It is called Dogwood because an astringent is made from steeping the bark, which is used to wash dogs suffering from mange.

3. Hemerocallis 'Green Flutter' - Daylily

The green flutter's attraction is the blooms shade. The anthers are dark and the prominent feature of this flower. These flowers are nocturnal. They open in the late afternoon and last throughout the night.

I feel understanding and interpreting all the three flowers in my painting will be an awesome creative time well spent.

I look forward to Lisa's reply.

(The pictures are not clicked by me. They are sourced through  Google Images.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree with a Halo

 I have always experienced this.

Whenever I see something very beautiful...very divine...I am immersed into its charisma and the surrounding somehow fuse into a beautiful cloud of translucent colors. The object just transformed into an angel with a halo behind it, and the whole identity of the object transformed into something which is important for you...as if you were born to view it and think about it.

I made this painting few days ago. I felt so satisfied and happy with it. The colors in the background makes an illusion of slowly moving and blending into each other and changing into white. The yellow halo, spreading its positive energy from the behind of the tree.

View it on ETSY : http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41342836

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Inspired by his beauty ... charm .. and .. blue skin.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In search of my Narcissus

I blog on flowers (http://knowtheflowers.blogspot.com/). I write about their associations, their stories and mysteries. I started blogging about flowers because I found myself to be very illiterate in the subject. Although there is a lot to learn from everywhere but I wondered how I didn't knew about something which had drawn me into its charisma several times. I try to remember the names and then ponder upon their existence. I won't say I know everything about them...but I would say 'I know what I find interesting about them'.

The last flower I blogged about was Daffodil. I guess most of us don't know the botanical name of the flower and the association of the Greek mythology to the flower. The botanical name of the flower is NARCISSUS. Yes, the word narcissist is related to the name. The Greek mythology says, Narcissus was a young man who was obsessed with his own looks. Once on his way through the woods, he caught his reflection in the water and was not able to leave the sight. He fell for his own looks and didn't care to eat or sleep. After few days he fell into his own reflection and died amongst the ripples of the water. The flower 'Narcissus' (daffodil), sprung from the edge of the water and was named after him.

Logically, there isn't much evidence that the tale holds any truth. But, it is an interesting tale, and an inspiring one too. Since I read about it I have been thinking of spilling colors onto canvas. I have been painting in my dreams and imaginations, and making masterpieces.

The one below is one of the many I am going to make, inspired by the tale. I am going to dig deep to find Narcissus.

This one is about the flower Narcissus. A flower named Narcissus will only enjoy its own charming presence. The fragrance of this flower is said to have narcotic effects, which makes me think that the flower would attract its own like.

So, there is more to come....