Thursday, February 4, 2010

In search of my Narcissus

I blog on flowers ( I write about their associations, their stories and mysteries. I started blogging about flowers because I found myself to be very illiterate in the subject. Although there is a lot to learn from everywhere but I wondered how I didn't knew about something which had drawn me into its charisma several times. I try to remember the names and then ponder upon their existence. I won't say I know everything about them...but I would say 'I know what I find interesting about them'.

The last flower I blogged about was Daffodil. I guess most of us don't know the botanical name of the flower and the association of the Greek mythology to the flower. The botanical name of the flower is NARCISSUS. Yes, the word narcissist is related to the name. The Greek mythology says, Narcissus was a young man who was obsessed with his own looks. Once on his way through the woods, he caught his reflection in the water and was not able to leave the sight. He fell for his own looks and didn't care to eat or sleep. After few days he fell into his own reflection and died amongst the ripples of the water. The flower 'Narcissus' (daffodil), sprung from the edge of the water and was named after him.

Logically, there isn't much evidence that the tale holds any truth. But, it is an interesting tale, and an inspiring one too. Since I read about it I have been thinking of spilling colors onto canvas. I have been painting in my dreams and imaginations, and making masterpieces.

The one below is one of the many I am going to make, inspired by the tale. I am going to dig deep to find Narcissus.

This one is about the flower Narcissus. A flower named Narcissus will only enjoy its own charming presence. The fragrance of this flower is said to have narcotic effects, which makes me think that the flower would attract its own like.

So, there is more to come....


  1. I really liked your sketches and the texture on the painting and the thought behind the painting.
    Awaiting more from you.

    - Dylan

  2. Anusha, your painting is beautiful. I like how you make connections between your work and the history of the flower. Beautiful!

  3. Hey Libby,

    Thanx a ton dear. I just saw the comment and really felt good and encouraged :)